Tuesday, May 28

Today Horoscope 29 May 2024 astrology caf

Today Horoscope 29 May 2024 astrology caf

1. Aries

You may be a little upset today. You will be very committed to eliminating clutter in the workplace. Blood pressure patients should take care of their health. Your officers may have more expectations from you. The day is highly favourable if you are looking for a job abroad.

2. Taurus

Your higher officials might get upset with you. Avoid being ostentatious in religious activities. There may be some tension regarding your father. The day is favourable for those associated with agriculture. You may plan to relocate. You should avoid making major business changes.

3. Gemini

Avoid confrontation with opponents today. You may get betrayed by close ones. Those associated with business should maintain good behaviour towards their customers. You might get a leg injury. You will feel the need to change your job, but this is not the time to make any decision.

4. Cancer

You will try to make some changes in business. You may put pressure on people to agree with your views. Your life partner may achieve great success in the career. You will be busy solving pending matters. Don't mind the words of elderly people. The day is favourable for those associated with heavy industries.

5. Leo

You may face hindrances in government work. Don't be careless about your health at all. You might get angry with your subordinates, but you will also be successful in bringing the situations under your control. You will prevail over your enemies. The day is highly favourable for mining traders.

6. Virgo

Today, you will experience difficulties in love relationships. Students may get confused about their careers. Your life partner will expect love from you but you will be very busy. Avoid making big investments in business. Many situations are not clear to you right now. It would not be right to make a big decision.

7. Libra

You will be a little angry today. You will face some difficult circumstances. Your busyness in the workplace will increase. There will be anger in your mind towards the officials. You will work on other income options. Stay away from people with a negative attitude.

8. Scorpio

Today, you will be in a cheerful mood. You may propose to your loved one. If you are going on a journey then prepare well for it. You may forget some stuff in your haste. There are chances of success in interviews. You may search for some missing items in your house.

9. Sagittarius

oday, you may feel a little uneasy at home. People will not live up to your expectations. There is a possibility of tension in love relationships. You may resolve property disputes if you remain patient. Avoid exposure to excessive sunlight and heat. You may have a deficiency of nutrients in your body.

10. Capricorn

There will be success in resolving disputed matters. You may earn huge financial profits through the share market. You may get many pending tasks completed with the help of your friends. You will be delighted after getting your outstanding money back from the borrowers. Subordinate employees will take great care of you. There will be love and romance in your marital relationship.

11. Aquarius

Your family may face a lack of funds. Stay away from bad habits like drugs as much as possible. This may spoil your image badly. It would be wise to pass this time out peacefully. You will enjoy entertainment in the evening. This will calm your mind a bit.

12. Pieces

Today, you would like to rest throughout the day. You may provide a lot of help to people on religious matters. You will successfully expand your business. You will get rid of the problems regarding your siblings. You will be pleased with the behaviour of your children. Your health may fluctuate a bit in the evening.